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1. Mutation Rates : Comparison of X-chromosome and autosome.
1. Estimatie of the Mutation Rate per Nucleotide in Humans. [more] 

the hypothesis that the X chromosome has a lower mutation rate than autosomes  à Comparison of rates of evolution for X-linked and autosomal pseudogenes suggests    that the male mutation rate is 4 times the female mutation rate, but provides no evidence for a reduction in mutation rate that is specific to the X chromosome.

2. Genic Mutation Rates in Mammals : local similarity, chromosomal heterogeneity, and X-versys-autosome disparity. [more]

we reexamine these conclusions using mouse-rat and human-mouse coding-region data. We find a more modest reduction of
Ks on the X chromosome, but our results contradict the finding that the X chromosome is not distinct from autosomes.

3. Weak selection revealed by the whole-genome comparison of the X chromosome and autosomes of human and chimpanzee. [more]

synonymous substitutions : X < autosomes 

substitutions in the intergenic regions : X < autosomes

X-linked nonsynonymous substitutions : 30% more frequent < autosome
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